One of the most challenging things about early parenthood, especially if it’s your first child, is keeping an infant entertained and busy. Kids just seem to want to cry!

A few things to note, are that through their first year of life, children go through many social, mental and physical developmental changes. These changes greatly impact their emotions, enabling them to grow and become more interested in the world around them.

One way to aid this growth is to connect with them through play and fun activities. Here are some ideas.

The Peekaboo Game

What You Need: A blanket, some objects like toys or books.

How It Works:You place the toy or book under the selected blanket and point towards it. The baby then tries grabbing it and digging under the blanket to fish it out.

Kids are curious by nature, and love games that stimulate their curiosity. According to research kids learn better when their curiosity is given the correct stimulus and this includes games like peekaboo.

5 Activities To Keep Your Infant EntertainedReading Time

What You Need: Baby Books

How It Works: This is best done as a bedtime routine in order for it to develop into a habit. Read baby stories to them with expressions and changing your voice to make it more fun and encourage them to react to it to. For example acting surprised, or laugh.

Encouraging them to participate for example reaching out to turn the pages also helps them get connect with the activity and feel involved. Research says, reading to your baby also strengthens the bond between parents and their child while also encouraging good reading habits later on in life.

Toys In The Basket

What You Need: Some toys and a basket.

How It Works: You may have noticed that children love to throw things around. Turn this into a game and have them throw their toys into a basket.

Not only will the activity keep them entertained, it will also ensure that your room is clean.

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